Karmen Švegl

AUTHOR / Nejc Krevs & Dušan Josip Smodej

Karmen Willum Švegl is a broad-minded Slovenian Middle Eastern woman who never loses her determination to work on the crossroads of war, where a single mistake can prove fatal. Now, as a reporter in Ukraine, she has decided to take on new challenges because, as she says, she never lacks that special adrenaline whenever she goes onto the battlefield. It’s not enough just to watch the war – it’s important that you talk to people, says Karmen, who had just returned to Dubai for a short time, and where we met her together with her son Oskar. In her personal story, Karmen also opens up to us like a woman who would be happy to simply go and open a book, but she lacks the concentration, which is quite common in trauma-related jobs like hers. In the course of the conversation we get to know several sides of this brave woman, someone who is always on the hunt for people’s personal stories – so it was time to present her story.