Borštnik Ring Award and Borštnik Awards


Borštnikov prstan in Borštnikove nagrade

Slovenska 27 2000 , Maribor

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Maribor Theatre Festival

The Borštnik Awards for achievement in repertory and independent theatres include the Grand Prix for best production, awards for direction and acting (including young actors), as well as awards for dramaturgy or artistic direction, stage design, costume design, music, make-up, sound design, translation, the latter ones varying from year to year, according to the jury. The jury bestows also a Special Borštnik Jury Award, while the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia gives out an award for the best production of the past season.

Maribor Theatre Festival E-xhibition

In 2012, the Maribor Theatre Festival joined forces with the Novi ZATO. Institute and the Slovenian Theatre Institute and created a digital online exhibition of the previous year’s festival highlights and winners of the Borštnik Awards and Borštnik Ring with the collaboration of Prodok teater TV, Slovene theatre houses and regional archives. The resulting e-xhibition included documentary photos, videos and audio excerpts of the winning performances as well as closing awards ceremony. The e-xhibition has now become an annual component of the festival and the list of years included is also expanding to years prior to 2012. The e-xhibitions are accessible at – Slovene theatre portal and provide a comprehensive overview of the Borštnik Award winners.

Borštnik Ring laureates eGallery

The Borštnik Ring award winners 1970–2018 are presented on the – Slovene theatre portal, photo documents and video clips being compiled by the Slovenian Theatre Institute.