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Nagrada Jazzon

PreŇ°ernov trg 6 8000 , Novo mesto

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LokalPatriot Institute

The Jazzon Award, a grand award for the best Slovene jazz composition, was granted each year at the Jazzinty International Music Workshop and Festival by LokalPatriot Institute with the aim of promoting creative jazz composition in Slovenia. In 2010 it was tranformed into international music award. Lokalpatriot organises a pre-selection competition for musical scores, and a final concert in which shortlisted works are performed by young and promising Slovene jazz ensembles. Following the award ceremony the music is published on a CD.

The name and design of the award is based on the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, who fled with the Golden Fleece across the Black Sea and up the Danube in an attempt to escape King Aietes. Thus Jason crossed the territory of today’s Slovenia and, according to myth, established the town of Ljubljana en route.