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Jenkova nagrada

Tomšičeva 12 1000, Ljubljana

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Slovene Writers’ Association

Named after the poet Simon Jenko (1835-1869), the Jenko Award is presented annually by the Slovene Writers’ Association for the best poetry collection published in the previous two years. It was established in 1986. The award committee is mostly comprised of poets and normally includes the previous year’s winner, which is why it is often referred to as an award “from poets to poets” and is highly regarded in the poetry community.

In recent years, the ceremony has been accompanied by other activities dedicated to Simon Jenko, including poetry readings, symposia, exhibitions, and in 2009, a celebration of the 140th anniversary of his death. These events are known as Jenkovi dnevi (“Jenko Days”).

The most recent winners of the Jenko Award are: Anja Golob for Vesa v zgibi in 2014, Kristina Hočevar for Na zobeh aluminij, na ustnicah kreda in 2013, Janez Ramoveš for Skuz okn strejlam kurente in 2012, and Primož Čučnik for Kot dar in 2011.