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Delo Publishing House

The Kresnik Award is an accolade bestowed annually in June since 1991 by Delo Publishing House for the best novel of the year. The award was conceived by Vlado Žabot, a famous author, and he named it after a Slavic pagan deity associated with the sun, fire, and summer. Though the venue has often changed over the years (Muljava, Razkrižje, Ljubljana Castle), the award ceremony is now held on Rožnik Hill, located just outside the centre of Ljubljana. Every year, over a hundred novels enter the selection process, while the jury chooses the nominees. The winner is announced at the ceremony where he or she receives a cash prize and is given the honour of lighting the bonfire.

The most recent winners of the Kresnik Award have been: Veronika Simoniti (2020), Bronja Žakelj (2019), Drago Jančar (2018), Goran Vojnović (2017), Miha Mazzini (2016), Andrej E. Skubic (2015), and Davorin Lenko (2014).