Slovenian Film Sanremo at the European Film Festival 2022 in Seoul

16. 10. - 16. 10. 2022

Seoul, South Korea

Slovenian film by Miroslav Mandić entitled Sanremo will be screened at the European Film Festival 2022 on the 16th of October in Seoul, South Korea (Seosomun Shrine History Museum).

About the film:

Bruno and Duša, who live in the same nursing home, enjoy each other’s company. However, their moments together are always soon forgotten, as both of them suffer from dementia. Each time they meet feels like the first. This unique relationship is evoked by Gigliola Cinquetti’s song Non ho l’età, performed at the Sanremo Festival back in the 1960s – the only shared memory from their youth. When Bruno is alone, his past resurfaces, causing him to retreat to his old life – his home, his wife, and his dog, which are, in reality, no longer around. One night, he has trouble finding his room. He accidentally walks into Duša’s and falls asleep next to her. In the morning, they start arguing, each of them convinced the other one is in the wrong bed, only to rediscover their mutual affection. Moments later, dressed in her finest clothes, Duša waits for Bruno at their breakfast table in vain.