Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

10. 12. - 18. 12. 2022



Festival gejevskega in lezbičnega filma Ljubljana

Metelkova 6 SI-1000 , Ljubljana

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The Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (LGBT Film Festival) is a specialised non-competitive film festival focusing on international gay and lesbian cinema. It was originally launched in 1984, within the Magnus Festival, and as such is the oldest gay and lesbian film festival in Europe and at the same time the oldest international film festival in Slovenia. It is organised by the Roza Club Ljubljana, part of the ŠKUC Association, with financial support from the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Slovene Office of Youth Affairs, ŠKUC-Magnus and the British Council Slovenia.


Film screenings take place at the Slovenian Cinematheque and the accompanying programme at: Klub Tiffany in Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone, Škuc Gallery, Match Gallery, Klub K4 and Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. The festival programme is also hosted in other Slovene cities: at the Youth assiociation Bistrica ob Sotli, at Film Theatre Idrija, at Cinema Ariston in Trieste, at Ptuj City Cinema, at Intimate Cinema, GT22 in Maribor and at MKSMC Botegin in Koper.


Stična Festival

19. 11. - 4. 12. 2022

Ivančna Gorica


Festival Stična

Stična 11 SI-1295, Ivančna Gorica

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The Stična Festival was established in 2000 as an annual autumn festival of evening musical, theatre, and visual arts events in Stična. The first idea was to organise events over four evenings but the festival was quickly extended to two weeks, and it currently takes place end of November.

The basic goals of the festival are to raise cultural consciousness, to build connections and cooperation among amateur and professional associations and individuals and also to help to support quality amateur productions.


Music concerts comprise the bulk of the festival, yet are augmented by a diverse selection of to gallery exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, and other cultural events. They concerts range from classical music to rock acts, with some of the Slovene musicians and bands being Vlado Kreslin, Anja Bukovec, Dan D, Elvis Jackson, Terrafolk, Orlek, and Katalena.

The programme mostly features Slovene artists, yet regularly also invites guests from abroad. For a time it ran an explicitly international line-up, annually choosing one country and focusing its programme on it.


Animateka International Animated Film Festival

28. 11. - 4. 12. 2022



Animateka - mednarodni festival animiranega filma

Tugomerjeva 8 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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The Animateka International Animated Film Festival is a specialised competitive festival which focuses on Central and East European animated film production. It takes place annually since 2004 at the Kinodvor Cinema and at the Slovenian Cinematheque in Ljubljana during the second week of December. Animateka is organised by the 2 Reels – Association for Reanimation of Storytelling.
The festival includes several sections, depending on each year’s edition, and also a rich programme of retrospectives, additional screenings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other events. The call for eligible animated films is usually open from May till September.


Animateka’s roots go back to the 1990s when the Slovenian Cinematheque introduced a special monthly programme (curated by Igor Prassel, who later became the director and the main selector of the Animateka festival) focusing on animated film.


Among the sections, 3 are competitive: the Competition Programme; Elephant in Competition; and European Young Talents Competition. The Competition Programme’s focus on contemporary animated film production from Central and Eastern European countries garners Animateka a great deal of attention in the larger international context. The Elephant in Competition programme focuses on animated film production meant for young audiences and attracts huge international attention.


Each year, an international 5-member-jury, composed of artists, festival curators and/or scholars confers the main festival award and five special mentions (one from each member). The main festival award, the Animateka Grand Prix, goes to one or two selected works from the Competition Programme, whilst each member of the jury is able to confer a Special Mention to another film of his or her choice from the Competition Programme.

The jury composed of selected representatives from the audience bestows the Slovenian Animated Film Association Audience Award (to any film from the entire festival programme), while the children’s jury grants the Elephant Award for the selected work from the Elephant in Competition Children’s programme. A Special Mention is also given by a student jury.


As its first guest, the Animateka residency programme hosted and presented Danijel Žeželj (Croatia/USA) in 2004. During the years that followed artists in resident included: Lars Fiske (Norway); M. S. Bastian (Switzerland); Koji Yamamura (Japan); Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland); Matti Hagelberg (Finland); Priit Pärn (Estonia); Max Andersson (Sweden), a filmmaker and comics author (contributing to Stripburger magazine since 1999); Julie Doucet (Canada); Theodore Ushev (Bulgaria/Canada); Akinori Oishi (Japan); Rosto (The Netherlands); Joni Männistö (Finland); Caroline Sury (France) and Edmunds Jansons (Latvia). The graphic design for festival editions has been usually created by the artists-in-residence.


Animateka also brings an abundant accompanying programme. It includes the AnimatekaPRO conference for professionals from the field, puppet performances, VR animations, concerts, workshops of animation, exhibitions of animation related drawings (at the premises of Kinodvor, sometimes also in cooperation and on the premises of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana). As Animateka hosts many authors of the films in competition as well as other guests, public talks, working breakfasts or midnight gatherings are organised mainly at Kinodvor Café.


Since 2015, Animateka has run also the so-called Poletna Animateka, a summer programme of animated film screenings at the Metelkova museums platform or on Gornji trg, and a series of workshops of flip-book creation and pixelation technique events around town.


In 2010, the Animateka festival initiated the Cartoon East project which connects six regional festivals: Animafest Zagreb (Croatia), Animateka Ljubljana (Slovenia), anim’est Bucarest (Romania), Balkanima Belgrade (Serbia), Banja Luka International Animation Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and FestAnča Žilina (Slovakia). The East European Animation Award is bestowed to one of the short films, nominated by each participating country. The first award went to Croatian artists Veljko Popović and Svjetlan Junaković for the film My Way.


International Biennial of Contemporary Music Koper

30. 11. - 4. 12. 2021



Mednarodni bienale sodobne glasbe Koper

Gallusova 2 SI-6000, Koper-Capodistria

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In six editions of the International Biennial of Contemporary Music Koper, a considerable number of foreign and domestic musicians or ensembles were presented; to name only a few Slovene ones, who today represent the artistic highlights of contemporary music: Nina Prešiček, Irena Tomažin, Larisa Vrhunc, Uroš Rojko, Matej Bonin, Slovene Chamber Choir, Dissonance String Quartet, and many others.

Every year, Biennial opens with a different theme. At the sixth edition of the Biennial, in December 2018, the theme was a human being and five senses, the discovery of new languages with a use of all the senses, for they are a pathway leading to a more tangible perception of music and art, and thereby of life itself. Each concert had a task of analyzing one of five senses, presenting a reflection on it, for example, in the first concert the group of percussionists SToP Slovene Percussion Project described the touch through musical instruments made of stone. The sense of smell was entrusted to exceptional musicians such as Francesco Dillon, Emanuele Torquati and Helena Winkelman. The theme of taste was featured by one of the most brilliant bassoonist on the international scene, Élise Jacoberger, flanked by Luka Batista on guitar. The Biennial 2018 ended with a concert of high intellectual and music profile: the Ensemble Neofonia, conducted by Steven Loy and accompanied by the soloist Carl Rosman. In five days, the Biennial 2018 offered concert performances of almost 50 contemporary compositions: 12 of them were performed in Slovenia for the first time, and 5 passed the world premiere. In total, 61 musicians from six countries participated.

Exhibitions, lectures and workshops, related to the theme, are also held at Biennial. Its venues are Koper Regional Museum, Koper Music School Hall, and Concert Hall of St. Francis Church.

BOFF Bovec Outdoor Film Festival

28. 12. - 30. 12. 2021



BOFF Bovec Outdoor Film Festival

Trg golobarskih žrtev 22/23 SI-5230, Bovec

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The BOFF Bovec Outdoor Film Festival has been going on since 2008. As the name implies, the festival presents films that deal with outdoor sports (such as mountaineering, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding) and also with various takes on the wider issues of nature and ecology. It takes place in the Alpine town of Bovec at the end of December. The call for eligible films is usually open in October.

The festival collaborates with the similarly oriented Koroška Outdoor Film Festival and usually also screens its films at different events and venues around Slovenia (like the Soča Outdoor Festival and the Kinodvor Cinema in Ljubljana).


The festival started out as a part of the Freeride Battle ’08 competition at the Kanin ski resort, where an evening was dedicated to a presentation of a handful of films by Slovene authors. The next edition of the festival (which happened only a few months after the first one) still retained its ties with the Freeride Battle, but moved to the Cultural House Bovec (Kulturni dom Bovec) and set up a somewhat more ambitious, international programme. Lasting 3 days and presenting 26 films, the festival established its main categories and regular accompanying programme features.

Film programme

The concept of “outdoor film” gives the festival lots of leeway in terms of film formats, which range from documentaries and short films to commercials, feature fiction films and combinations of any of these. The topics vary greatly as well, yet, the adventure sports film genre tends to be its distinctive focus.

Awards and categories

The 3 main categories since 2009 are nature and ecology; sport and action (feature films); and sport and action (short films). There is often also a non-competitive category for films of a promotional nature, coupled with occasional retrospectives and archival runs. The Festival gives out two Audience awards: for best film of the festival and for the best Slovenian film.

Accompanying programme

The festival’s accompanying programme usually comprises photography exhibitions (some of the exhibited photographers have been Peter Fettich, Branko Bradaškja, Darko Cuder and Rožle Bregar), lectures by different adventurers like the pilot Matevž Lenarčič, talks with film creators, a book fair and music concerts.

The festival also sets up various special events such as a skiing and snowboarding rail contest, a lecture on avalanche safety, a round table on regulations concerning mountain biking and even a stop-motion workshop.

Snow sculpture festival

Creating snow sculptures has been a part of BOFF almost since the beginning, and in 2010, this activity has grown into an independent International Festival of Snow Sculptures. It takes place at the same time as the festival, lasts for 3 days and boasts an international turnout.