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Register kulturne dediščine (RKD) Situla

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Magda Miklavčič Pintarič, Head


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Institute of Slovene Ethnology, Coordinator of the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage

The Register of Slovene Cultural Heritage is an official database which contains more than 30,000 entries. Since 2009 the register consists of three units: the Registry of Immovable Cultural Heritage, the Registry of Movable Cultural Heritage, and the Registry of Intangible Heritage.


The system registry of immovable cultural heritage started to be developed in 1991. Until 1996 the first experimental form of the register was established. Since then entries of cultural heritage are being systematically supplemented. The system was designed in accordance with the geographical information system (GIS) and includes description and geolocation data. The system is up-to-date and conforms to international standards.


The purpose of the register is to provide information support to the implementation of heritage protection. The register also aims to develop public awareness about heritage through presentation, research, education, training and development. Every entry contains basic data: the name of the monument or site, its number (used in all procedures related to heritage conservation), type and sort of heritage (of local or national importance), location (including the relevant branch of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia) and a short description. The database is in Slovenian language and for the most part is accessible to the public.

The online database has several types of information: legal background of the register, search engine of the real-estate cultural heritage and interactive map of Slovenia where protected monuments and areas can be pointed out. This map has also layers of Franz I. land register from year 1817 which can be overlaid on the current situation map. Internet register is valid as information, but has no legal binding. For legal questions Cultural Heritage Directorate at the Ministry of Culture should be contacted.

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