Bohinj Summer Music Festival

24. 07. - 12. 08. 2021

Srednja vas v Bohinju


Glasbeno poletje v Bohinju

Bohinjska Bistrica SI-4267 , Srednja vas v Bohinju

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The Bohinj Summer Music Festival was launched in 1996 and has since been more or less faithfully held in the architecturally and acoustically stunning St Martin’s Church in the village of Srednja vas. The festival brings classical music concerts to the charming alpine area around Bohinj Lake, catering to tourists as well as to a very dedicated and regular Slovenian audience. The festival was initiated by the violinist and nowadays still its artistic director Roman Leskovic, and was at first run by Didakta Publishing House. Since 2011, the organiser is Turizem Bohinj Institute.

The festival takes place on 5 consecutive Thursdays in July and August, and has in recent years also an additional June evening that focuses on locals and brings more contemporary, pop-oriented acts like Perpetuum Jazzile. That evening is usually held in Jože Ažman Cultural Centre in Bohinjska Bistrica.

Some of the foreign musicians hosted at the festival have been the world-renowned Leipzig String Quartet, Salzburg Chamber Soloists, Jess-Trio-Wien, the flautist Michael Martin Kofler from Munich Philharmonics, the pianist Jasminka Stančul and so on. Of the local ones, one can name Irena Grafenauer, Mojca Zlobko, Marko Fink, Matej Bekavac, Janez Lotrič, Stanko Arnold, etc.