Club Marathon

3. 07. - 28. 08. 2021



Klubski maraton Radia Študent

Cesta 27. aprila 31 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Radio Študent (RŠ) started its project Klubski maraton, or Club Marathon in 2001. Since then, the Club Marathon has worked to support and promote the domestic musical scene, opening itself to a wide range of genres and creating opportunities for the entire range of independent, alternative musical production.


An essential part of the basic orientation of Radio Študent (RŠ) is to discover and encourage young and relatively unknown Slovene musical artists and bands that show originality, creativity, and the potential to evolve into respected Slovene innovators. This attitude is clearly demonstrated in its project Klubski maraton started in 2001. The programme has its roots in the legendary Novi Rock [New rock] festival that took place from 1980–2000.

Since 2001 the six-week tour of the Slovene youth and alternative club circuit offers young musicians the experience of touring, performing and making public appearances. Conversely, Radio Študent “gives” the concerts (and critically-selected musical artists) to Slovene clubs, supporting and connecting with the Slovene musical and club scene.

After live concerts in the Radio Študent studios and the Slovenia tour, at the Finale at Klub Menza pri koritu all bands/artists perform, demonstrating what they have achieved during the tour.

Radio Študent also releases a CD compilation of the event every year.


Club Marathon begins in September with live concerts in the Radio Študent studios, followed by the tour of Slovenia, which ends with a special Finale in the beginning of November at Klub Menza pri koritu.

Selected bands have presented their music to the public around Slovenia at venues such as MC Podlaga (Sežana), Bela krajina Youth Cultural Club (MKK Črnomelj), Kotlovnica Youth Centre (Kamnik), MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club (Murska Sobota), Pivka House of Culture, Pri rdeči ostrigi Club (Škofja Loka), Trainstation Squat (Kranj), Gustaf Hall, Pekarna (Maribor), C.M.A.K. Cerkno, Kompleks Youth Culture Centre (Ravne na Koroškem), Nada Žagar Youth Club (MKNŽ) (Ilirska Bistrica), Art kino Metropol Celje, eMCe plac Velenje, Klub Zakon (Vrhnika), Klub Metulj (Bistrica ob Sotli), MMC Mink Multimedia Centre (Tolmin), Klub Swenak (Idrija), MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre (Koper-Capodistria), Unterhund (Ormož), Postojna Youth Centre, Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci, Baza 13 (Kočevje), LokalPatriot Institute (Novo mesto), and Klub Menza pri koritu.