Days of Comedy

15. 03. - 26. 03. 2022



Dnevi komedije

Gledališki trg 5 SI-3000, Celje

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Days of Comedy was launched by the Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje in 1992. The festival quickly outgrew its local context and during the nearly three decades of its existence became the most prominent event of the comedy genre in Slovenia, presenting top quality productions of both institutional and non-institutional Slovene theatres. The side programme of Days of Comedy includes performances, concerts, and foreign productions. It takes place annually, in March.

Programme and awards

The programme of Days of Comedy is chosen by a selector and includes both a competition and a side programme. Performances in the competition programme compete for Gracious Comedy Awards in four sections, namely, for gracious comedy performance, gracious comedy director, and two gracious actors (male and female), all of which are granted by the expert jury. The festival also awards the Gracious Comedy Feather Award for best original Slovene comedy text. This award is granted biannually and is selected by the jury, appointed by the Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje. The festival also presents the Audience Award for best comedy.