Eye of the Word Festival

22. 09. - 24. 09. 2022

Murska Sobota


Oko besede, Argo, društvo za humanistična vprašanja

Dalmatinova ulica 21 9000, Murska Sobota

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Established in 1995, the Eye of the Word (Oko besede) festival is an annual traditional meeting of Slovene writers of children and youth literature, as well as literary theorists, critics, librarians, and pedagogues.During the festival writers pay visits to schools and participate in symposia, round tables, and readings. The festival was managed by Franc-Franc Publishing up to 2015. Traditionally, it is held in autumn in Murska Sobota in Prekmurje.

The festival culminates in an award ceremony, during which an author of youth literature is presented with the Večernica Award.


Every year a different theme is put into focus, with a view to underlining and discussing an array of issues related to youth literature. By inviting foreign authors the festival stimulates the exchange of experience and promotion of Slovene literature on an international scale.

Papers, reports and interviews with the Večernica Award nominees and winners are then published in the journal The Child and the Book [Otrok in knjiga].