FAK Festival of Alternative Culture

20. 06. - 30. 06. 2019



FAK - Festival Alternativne Kulture

SI-2000, Maribor

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The FAK Festival of Alternative Culture, launched in 2017 in the heart of the city of Maribor, combines lovers of good entertainment and alternative art forms. It takes place in December for around 10 days, mostly in the legendary Maribor cinema Kino Udarnik. Extraordinary support from local and foreign artists and high attendance have proven that Maribor is an excellent place for alternative forms of musical creativity which need their own space. The FAK platform plays an important role in the process of revitalisation of the Kino Udarnik, inspired by the lack of a diverse, urban and contemporary, high-quality cultural production in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city.


The first edition of the festival was announced with the slogan: “The time has come when the elephant will proudly enter the porcelain store: this is a festival, which under the cult roof of cinema Udarnik in the centre of Maribor, combines free and challenging art flavours that until now in Maribor felt like an elephant in a porcelain store.” The festival brought together music and art forms such as techno, hip-hop, trap, electronics, rap, drum’n’bass, rock, along with the art of tattooing, graffiti art, etc., with artists such as Lea Dobricic at the already established underground party called HushHush, the bands Matter and MRFY, multi-instrumentalist Zala Kralj, YNGfirefly, and N’toko, with an accompanying panel discussion in the EPeKa Space.

The second edition offered a wider programme, the nine events took place in three locations, along with cinema Udarnik also in Vetrinjski dvor and the restaurant Rožmarin’s Wine Bar, enriching the December festive atmosphere in the city. The festival again presented a variety of music genres and excellent music and entertainment that brought together young and older generations, fans of alternative music as well as more popular forms of entertainment. It presented Slovene and foreign music artists working in techno music, electronics, acid house, hip-hop, trap, drum’n’bass and disco rhythms, such as crew Courtyard, which in Maribor has been creating disco-house evenings under the name Rolada (Roulade), Belgian disco and house DJ Nachtklank, Belgrade’s DJ Nevena Jeremić, Austrian drum’n’bass duo Dossa & Locuzzed, Kukla, DJs Shu Shu and Disco Durum, Tim Urbanya, the rap group Matter, Maribor’s rap crew Tekochee Kru, Magnifico and many others. The festival attracted around 3200 visitors.