Gora Rocka

22. 06. - 25. 06. 2023

Slap ob Idrijci


Gora Rocka

Prapetno Brdo 17C SI-5383, Slap ob Idrijci

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The festival has hosted most of the big Slovene mainstream rock bands such as Tabu, Big Foot Mama, Zmelkoow, Zablujena Generacija, Elvis Jackson, The Drinkers, Siddharta, Mi2, Don Mentony Band, Pankrti, Niet, Nude, and Dan D. There were also well-known bands from ex-Yugoslavia like Prljavo kazalište (HR), Let3 (HR), and Dubioza kolektiv (BA), various tribute bands like Hollywood Rose (HU), a Guns N’ Roses Tribute Band, and Kiss Forever band (HU), as well as dozens of others. In the past, these lesser-known bands have sometimes been selected through a public call and a series of events held at Orto Bar.

Alongside 2 days of music concerts, the festival also arranges for camping and organises various sport and fun activities like volleyball football, badminton, cards, frisbee, boules, and tabletop games.