Visual arts

Independent Biennial

19. 05. - 20. 06. 2021



Bienale neodvisnih

127 Celovška cesta SI-1000, Ljubljana

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A very important venue for the biennial has became Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (as of 2017 together with its DobraVaga sales gallery), where most of the happenings take place and which actually functions as a co-producer. Other venues are the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM), Škuc Gallery, KUD France Prešeren Gallery, Prostor Gallery, Galerija JE2, Bi-ko-fe, Café Open, City Museum of Ljubljana, LP Bar, Zaklonišče II, etc.

In 2016 GT22 in Maribor hosted an exhibition of the works presented at the 2015 Independent Biennial.

Excursions abroad

In 2015, the Independent Biennial – in cooperation with Kino Šiška – travelled to Washington as a part of the European Month of Culture programme. There were two exhibitions set up, one in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Washington and the other in the gallery space of New York University (NYU). Presented there were the authors who participated in the biennial between 2007 and 2013, altogether more than 80 of them with about 100 hundred works. In 2017, they once again exhibited at the Clayton Center for the Arts, Maryville, and at the Arts & Culture Alliance, Knoxville.

This “travelling biennial overview” also stopped in the summer of 2015 in Finland, where around 50 visual works were featured in a screening exhibition at Merkillinen – visual poetry exhibition at Gallery Aila Seppälä Lahti. It was organised by Sanakuva Collective, a Finnish cross-disciplinary arts group and experimental platform, with the idea for it emerging during the planning of the collaboration for the 5th edition of the Independent Biennial.

Besides this and the aforementioned Aalto University workshops, another collaboration between Slovene and Finish illustrators took place in 2012. It was a simultaneousness web-based project during which various artworks and applicative projects were created, thus fostering communication and networking.