Outdoor Venues

Lighting Guerrilla Festival

23. 05. - 18. 06. 2022



Svetlobna gverila

Trg francoske revolucije 7, Ljubljana

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First held in 2008, the Lighting Guerrilla is a quite special festival that explores, elaborates and sheds light on the myriad relations between light, the public space and the ‘confines’ of the gallery walls. Initiated a year earlier as a workshop at the festival “Lighting Detectives” (Detektivi svetlobe), it is founded and run by Strip Core, otherwise predominately active as the comic art section of Forum Ljubljana.

The festival is well known for its luminous, site-specific ‘exhibition objects’ presented at several public locations, mainly in Ljubljana; its streets and gardens, the Ljubljanica bridges and quays, the French Revolution Square, the Tivoli Park, etc. By way of exhibitions, installations, workshops and performances, each year’s programme is dedicated to a certain topic – among them the concept of shimmering, the functioning of darkness, and the role of light in shaping the urban experience.

Venues, locations and collaborations

Being a festival that explicitly uses and transforms the ‘matter’ of public space, it is spatially very dispersed and as such collaborates with a number of venues like the Vžigalica Gallery, the Tovarna Rog, the SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kino Šiška, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, RogLab, Španski borci Culture Centre, Cirkulacija 2, the Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, etc.

It is also sometimes venturing outside of Ljubljana, having its pre- and post-festival stops at the Simulaker Gallery in Novo Mesto, the Centralna postaja in Maribor, the [[Hrastnik Cultural Centre] and some other places.

The festival has closely collaborated with institutions and festivals like the Spring Festival, the Strictly Analog Festival, the Exodos International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, the Faculty of Architecture, the Museum of Architecture and Design, etc. It is part of the international project Spectrum 14|15.

The invited artists

Both the local as well as international artists and producers are invited, in fact rather many of them. Some of them were Tim Etchells (UK), Max Sudhues (DE), Mirko Malle and AAI (AT/SI/world), Artificiel (CA), Maro Avrabou, Matthieu Tercieux, Dimitri Xenakis, Bernard Murigneux, Benedetto Bufalino (FR), Laurenz Theinert (DE) and Sophie Guyot (CZ), NatanEsku, Tilen Sepič, Aleksandra Stratimirović, Marko A. Kovačič and the KUD Ljud collective.