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MENT Ljubljana

8. 06. - 10. 06. 2022



MENT Ljubljana

, Ljubljana

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MENT Ljubljana is a music discovery festival. At its latest pre-COVID edition, 80 acts from 26 countries performed at various venues over three days. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity. In 2021 MENT moved to June and performed 9 consecutive concert evenings with an international program. In 2022, the festival returns to a three-day format with an international conference.

Reviews by influential music media with an international readership write of a more than successful edition, of MENT as an influential festival that surpasses expectations and shifts the focus – discovering different sounds and opening up unfamiliar music scenes through its programme. Of MENT as an extremely well organised, atypical showcase festival with a heart.

“MENT is an energetic, idiosyncratic, and incredibly illuminating experience…” wrote Clash Magazine, while Under the Radar Magazine described MENT as borderless, free and endlessly innovative. At the same time, the author was surprised to realise how isolated and self-sufficient the British music scene is, and how much it can learn from the Ljubljana festival.