Mladinsko Showcase

1. 03. - 3. 04. 2022



Mladinsko Showcase

Vilharjeva 11 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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In 2007, the Mladinsko Theatre set up a festival overview of its annual production, called Prelet (Overflight), later renaming it as the Mladinsko Showcase. This distinctively international project, with English-surtitled performances, reiterates the highlights of the Mladinsko (and for a time also of the Glej Theatre) from the previous season.

In 2016, the format of the festival was renewed. While still maintaining the international aspect, the showcase is now (since the 2017/18 season) organised by the Mladinsko alone and focuses on the theatre’s own productions as well as those produced in collaboration with Maska Institute at The New Post Office.


A sizable number of radical and internationally renowned Slovene directors have directed performances at the Mladinsko Theatre, among them, Eduard Miler, Matjaž Pograjc, Ivica Buljan, Vito Taufer, Matjaž Farič, Ajda Ross, etc.

At the showcase, new (or yet unseen) shows are also presented, as are workshops and discussions, often featuring foreign guests such as the American playwright Norman Allen and the Bulgarian director Mladen Alexiev. Of the authors and performances from abroad, one can also note multiple works by the director Oliver Frljić as well as plays by Ivana Sajko, Željko Zorica, Borut Šeparović, and Natalija Manojlović, all of them coming from Croatia.

Overflight, 2012–2015

Between 2012 and 2015, the event was conceived in cooperation with Glej Theatre, thus becoming a joint conceptual and promotional platform called “Overflight, the International Theatre Festival”. Although Glej is an NGO and Mladinsko is a public institution, both theatres nevertheless share a common stake in exploring liminal aesthetics as well as in producing daring performances. Daktari Club was usually used as a venue for workshops, lectures and general socialising.

International collaborations

In 2012, the festival cooperated with the Croatian festival Perforacije, with whom they exchanged and co-produced certain performances and programmes.

In 2013, the festival cooperated with ICORN, the International Cities Of Refuge Network. In 2014 it was set up synchronously with the Ljubljana meeting of the East European Performing Arts Platform – EEPAP, which took place at Pocket Teater Studio.