Music of the World Festival, Kromberk

28. 07. - 6. 08. 2021

Nova Gorica


Festival Glasbe sveta na vrtu na gradu Kromberk

Grajska cesta 1 SI-5000, Nova Gorica

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The Ethno and Jazz Festival Music of the World, which aims to draw attention to the significance of transferring tradition to modernity, especially in music, has been held every Tuesday in August since 2012 at the Castle Kromberk near Nova Gorica. It is organised by Goriška Museum and KUD Morgan.

The festival presents established Slovenian and foreign ethno, folk, jazz and world music performers, and organises a series of music lectures called Vinyl Evenings, accompanied by a vinyl records fair. Another accompanying event is the Market of Delicacies, where organic farmers and craftsmen present their products.


The organisers believe that a unique part of each community is its culture, which develops over time and under the influence of the environment in different customs and expressions. Music is one of the key elements in expressing community life; that is why the festival presents musicians who rely on the folk music from their home environs as well as add modern music trends.


“Diversity, but in a specific genre. World music, but with an emphasis on tradition. Jazz and song-writing, but with an ethnic touch,” is how Aleks Vičič, one of the coordinators, describes the character of the festival.

Since 2012, the festival’s guests have been Svetlana Makarovič & Mar Django Quartet, Brina, Tamara Obrovac & jazz band Transhistria Ensamble, Sardinian jazz trumpeter Paolo Freso and Daniele di Bonaventura, the trio Dovč, Gombač and Krmac with Slovenian folk music, accordionist Marko Hatlak, Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu, Mali’s musician Habib Koite, Šukar with the Roma music of east and south-eastern Europe, Vruja with Istrian music, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Bossa de Novo, vocal quintet Tminski madrigalisti, Bratko Bibič with Dedley Woodleybears, Neca Falk, Tomaž Pengov, Robert Jukič, Uršula Ramoveš and Fantje z Jazbecove grape, Albanian singer Elina Duni, Paul McCandless, Katja Šulc, Vinko Globokar, Ralph Towner, Boštjan Gombač, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, trio Etnoploč, Vasko Atanasovski Trio, the female singing group Kvali, the brass band club Nabrežina, the Trieste Partisan Choir Pinko Tomažič and the Mladinsko Theatre.

Vinyl Evenings and Vinyl Fair

In July, before the festival itself and for already ten years, the cycle of music lectures called Vinyl Evenings are also held. So far, music experts Luka Zagoričnik, Brane Rončel, Igor Vidmar, Dragan Bulič, Jure Longyka, Jure Potokar, Jizah, Borka, Igor Bašin and many others have lectured and DJed music from vinyl records or other analogue sound carriers. In addition to the lectures, there is also a trade fair of used and new vinyl records and rarities.

Market of Delicacies

Since one of the festival’s messages is “Finding a world without cans, instant coffee and powdered soup, without the ripening of tomatoes in supermarkets and without supermarkets, finding true, genuine things with a tradition that do not require flavour enhancers and do not have thousands of duplicates”, the festival has been accompanied by a Market of Delicacies which offers ecologically produced delicacies from the local and wider area.