Orto Fest

10. 09. - 24. 09. 2021



Orto fest

Grablovičeva 1 SI-1000 , Ljubljana

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Established in 1999 and regularly held since 2001, Orto Fest is an ambitious festival with a wide ranging scope of its musical programme. It takes place in Orto Bar, a legendary bar for rock aficionados, and is usually held throughout the whole of May. Even though rock music is its predominant sound, the festival also offers pop(-rock), metal, hip hop, and folk acts. Besides regularly staging foreign musicians, who are coming from all over the world, the festival mostly hosts Slovene musicians and its yearly selection always features a combination of some older, cult artists with a showing of what is currently happening on the different local music scenes.

Hosted musicians

Of the foreign musicians that have rocked the stage of Orto Fest, one can name the metal bands Darkness, Agent Steel, Undying, Corpus Christii, and Unholy Inquisition, the punk rockers Hanson Brothers and Agnostic Front, the Croatian rappers General Woo and Diyala, and the rock bands Arabrot, The Little Killers, The Jessica Fletchers, Los Explosivos, Bambi Molesters, Kud Idijoti, The Strange, Stone Orange, and Bottom.

Of the Slovene rock and pop/rock musicians, it could be said that – aside from the more alternative strands of rock – a large portion of them has been represented on the stage of Orto Fest. Some of the bands include Laibach, LeeLooJamais, Niet, Res Nullius, Hic et Nunc, Katalena, Moveknowledgement, Big Foot Mama, Naio Ssaion, Srečna mladina, Shyam, Corkscrew, Olivija, Šank Rock, Orlek, Siddharta, Tabu, Tide, Demolition Group, Werefox, Avven, Noctiferia, Neomi, Melodrom, etc.