O•zvočenje Festival

21. 12. - 23. 12. 2021



Glasbeni festival O•zvočenje

Dunajska 31 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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The music festival O•zvočenje was founded in 2002 by the legendary Slovenian experimental group SAETA, a collective that’s been exploring new musical terrains since 1977. The festival takes place at the Bežigrad Gallery, which is also its main producer.

The set-up of the festival is pretty straightforward. For 3 consecutive nights in April, 3 different groups or soloists are invited to present their current musical striving. The programming is prepared irrespective of genres, with electro-acoustic, electronic and acoustic music (as well as musique concrète) being equally present. However, experimental and unconventional forms are preferred. One night is usually reserved for SAETA, who often invite temporary new members to join them.