Pisana Loka Festival

20. 08. - 29. 08. 2021

Škofja Loka


Pisana Loka

4220, Škofja Loka

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Pisana Loka is a local summer festival taking place at various locations in Škofja Loka in August. At first a rather modest endeavour, it began in 2008 and has since grown into an annual event of ten packed days, encompassing music, theatre, urban sports, stand-up comedy, a children’s programme, film screenings and more. The name of the festival means “Colourful Loka”, a bit of an archaic way of calling Škofja Loka when alluding to the charms of the town.

The festival locations are numerous, among them Sokolski dom Cultural Centre, Loka Castle, the summer garden of various local bars, some smaller squares and the main square of the old city centre (one of the best-preserved medieval squares in Slovenia).


Launched with urban reinvigoration plans in mind, Pisana Loka used to be just a series of music concerts in the city centre. In 2011 (and later in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016), the festival organisation was handed over to Zavod O, a cultural association run by local youth, and its ambitions noticeably rose. The festival started to connect various local institutions, groups, and actors, from local skateboarders to the pensioners society, the Ivan Tavčar Public Library, scouts, student organisations, and various local cultural enthusiasts and associations.

Since 2017 the festival has been coordinated by the Škofja Loka Municipality. The number is events is growing.
Additional festival locations include the Church of the Vision of St Mary in Strunjan, or the Church of St Mary of the Rose in the neighbouring town of Portorož.


Pisana Loka has hosted bands such as Laibach, Bakalina, Uršula Ramoveš in Fantje z Jazbecove grape, Katarina Juvančič & Dejan Lapanja, Vasko Atanasovski Trio, Dan D, Joe Cocker Tribute, Jan Plestenjak, Hamo & Tribute 2 Love – all in all, a varied line-up that joins alternative musicians with big pop acts.

The festival presents also numerous theatre and street theatre performances, workshops and other events that actively try to engage the local and regional population.