Rad bi bil normalen Festival

18. 10. - 20. 10. 2019



Rad bi bil normalen festival

Ravne pri Cerknem 8 SI-5282, Cerkno

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The Rad bi bil normalen Festival is a small and unpretentious festival for alternative culture that takes place in Ravne pri Cerknem, a village in the hilly and rural region of Cerkljansko. Held since 1999, the festival has a diverse and unpretentious programme that (at least in recent years) runs for two consecutive autumn weekends. The festival started as a more or less a private thing (hence the funky name, which translates as “I Want to be Normal Festival”), but has soon turned into an annual event that caters to a very heterogeneous local crowd and presents punk bands on the same day as it stages plays by the local amateur theatre group.

The festival regularly features travel lectures, theatre plays, street theatre acts, photography and painting exhibitions, and movie screenings. These usually take place in the first part of the programme, with its second part being comprised of mainly punk and rock (and sometimes folk or choir) concerts. These traditionally feature a few brand new bands on the scene, who are chosen through an open call and then able to play alongside established bands from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Germany, and elsewhere, such as Punčke (HR), Bouncin B.C. (DE), Mantan (AU), Nežni Dalibor (RS), Fakofbolan (HR), Debeli Precjednik (HR), Bernays Propaganda (MK), Janez Škof (of Čompe) The Canyon Observer, Real life Version, Kombinat Choir, Indust-Bag, Kar Češ Brass Band, Carnaval, and Manul.