Trnovfest Festival

2. 08. - 31. 08. 2021




Karunova ulica 14 SI-1000 , Ljubljana

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The first Trnovfest Festival took place in 2019. Organised and hosted by the Centre of Slavic Cultures France Prešeren (CSKFP) in the Trnovo area of Ljubljana, it is the successor festival to Trnfest, the last edition of which was held in 2018.


Until its demise, along with that of its host organisation KUD France Prešeren, Trnfest was the capital’s premier late-summer festival of popular arts and culture, and one whose programme ranged widely across music, theatre, dance, film and improvisational comedy. With events held daily through the month of August in the association’s courtyard, it built up a loyal following among locals, as much for the late-night socialising as for the performances themselves.

Trnfest vs Trnovfest

Trnfest came to an end the year after KUD France Prešeren was replaced by CSKFP, with the decision to rename the festival taking effect in 2019. Trnovfest has broadly followed the same pattern as its predecessor, with perhaps a slightly greater emphasis on rock and pop of various flavours, serving up a month of entertainment for a resolutely local audience looking to squeeze the last drops of life from the summer.