Ukrep – Festival of Dance Perspectives

12. 06. - 15. 06. 2020



Festival plesnih perspektiv Ukrep

Metelkova 6 SI-1000 , Ljubljana

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Launched in 2008 by Dance Theatre Ljubljana, the biennial Ukrep – Festival of Dance Perspectives primarily aims to be a platform for emerging young performers in the field of contemporary dance and to address the various creative or systemic challenges and opportunities facing the development of the contemporary dance scene in Slovenia.

The festival tries out different programme formats; facilitates dialogue between artists, producers and theoreticians; and elaborates the neuralgic points of education, production and promotion of the contemporary dance scene.


The festival aims for a strategic development of contemporary dance in Slovenia. So far it has, among others, presented the work of Milan Tomašik, Irena Tomažin, Urška Vohar, Leja Jurišič, Kaja Valenti, Ajda Tomazin, Jan Rozman and Alja Ferjan, Gregor Luštek, Žigan Krajnčan, Veronika Valdes, Loup Abramovici, etc. The festival closely collaborates with the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts, organised by Maska Institute.

Guests from abroad also get invited. Among them have been Tereza Ondrová & Peter Šavel (CZ, SK), Eni Vesović (HR) and Emma Murray (NZ).

Some particular agendas

The 2010 edition featured five premieres of young artists who collaborated with different makers from other art fields, including dramaturgical teams, and a number of reflections on dramaturgy from different theorists and other makers, such as Janez Janša, Jeroen Peeters and Una Bauer.

The 2012 edition focused on addressing the wider audience by bringing the festival’s performances and projects into the city’s streets, gardens and squares, thus touching upon the potentiality of public space and opening up the questions of mapping, social dynamic, social choreography, etc.

The 2014 festival was designed as a platform of various dance initiatives by young dance makers, many of them still studying home or abroad, who upgraded their own work by working for three festival days with established choreographers Gregor Luštek and Eduardo Torroja.


As part of Ukrep (in English: Taking Measures), a number of other activities (called Med-ukrep, in English: Inbetween Measures) are organised between individual editions of the festival, which include lectures and theoretical/dramaturgy/dance workshops by different philosophers, theorists, choreographers and directors as well as individual interdisciplinary projects.


In 2012 Ukrep, PLESkavica Festival and the international Modul-dance platform joined forces to form CoFestival. The festival has since than grown to be the primary international festival of contemporary dances, with Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and the Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia being its main producers.