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Avsenik Gallery

Begunje na Gorenjskem


Galerija Avsenik

Begunje 19 SI-4275, Begunje na Gorenjskem

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Located at the Avsenik homestead in Begunje na Gorenjskem, the Avsenik Gallery was founded in 1989 by academic painter Martin Avsenik, son of musician Slavko Avsenik (1929–2015), leader of the internationally-renowned and award-winning folk pop music group Avsenik Ensemble. Since 2008 the gallery features only the permanent collection, known as the Museum of the Avsenik Ensemble. In November 2016 the permanent museum exhibition was reinstalled.

During its first two decades the Avsenik Gallery staged more than 180 exhibitions of national and international artists in its 220-sq-metre space, as well as presented the Avsenik collection consisting of contemporary (inter)national artists and organised the international Ex-tempore Slovenia open to the art, the Children’s Art Colony Begunje, and many other events connected to contemporary art and culture.

Although these activities have since stopped, the gallery has retained the commercial side of them. Works of national and international such as Peter Beus, Marija Cvetlič, Jaka Torkar, Rudi Majer, Suzanne Kiraly Moss can be purchased in the gallery and museum shop, where new works are regularly offered.

Up to 2017 the gallery was led by Brigita Avsenik (1932–2017), Slavko Avsenik’s wife.