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Knjigarna Azil

Novi trg 2 1000, Ljubljana

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With the motto “an asylum for critical thoughts”, Azil Bookshop is the first Slovene bookshop to specialise in theory and reference books related to the social sciences and the humanities, especially sociology, philosophy, archaeology, psychology, anthropology and the arts. It offers numerous books published by international publishing houses (including many American, British, German, French, Serbian and Croatian ones), along with titles published by Slovene publishing houses specialising in the humanities and by several publishing houses of universities and research institutions.

Azil Bookshop was established in October 2003 by the Scientific Research Centre (ZRC SAZU), Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, next door to the centre’s premises near Ljubljana’s National and University Library (NUK). For members of their book club, they offer a discount on books published by ZRC Publishing. The bookshop also allows customers to place orders on books published by Azil’s international associates which are not currently in stock.

Azil Bookshop organises several book presentations and innovative reading and cultural promotion events like the “Books in Motion” or “Azil Open Term”. Together with the Divja misel (“Wild Thought”) Institute, Azil organises the “Library under the Trees” (Knjižnica pod krošnjami) which takes place in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park and other outdoor locations in the city every summer from Friday to Sunday. They also occasionally organise children’s programmes like “Frockarije” led by KUD Smetumet.

Azil Bookshop co-manages also the recently opened bookshop in the Museum of Modern Art.