Baza 13



Tomšičeva cesta 13 SI-1330, Kočevje

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Established in 2013, Baza 13 handles and hosts an array of cultural, educational, and entertainment events. Primarily aimed at the local youth (it was founded by the Kočevje Student Club), Baza 13 is nevertheless also open to the wider community of those interested in the arts. Its programme includes concerts, exhibitions, poetry readings, film screenings, round-tables on local issues, and socialising events; it collaborates with other local festivals and also on community actions.

The club works with other initiatives from the region, like the Society of Kočevje Musicians and the Muzikalija Society. It actively forefronts the local artists, especially the upcoming musicians, and cooperates on initiatives like that of a compilation album that presented the local music production. The former is often presented on concert evenings.

Some of the bands and musicians who have graced the stage of Baza 13 were Barb Wire Dolls (GR), Erotic Market (FR), Damir Avdić (BA), Lovely Quinces (HR), Miki Solus (HR), Moonlight Sky, Štefan Kovač Marko Banda, Same Babe, and Muškat Hamburg. The venue also hosted the I love HC and I hate metal festivals and is one of the stops for the Club Marathon.