Botegin Centre



MKSMC Botegin, Mladinski, kulturni, socialni, multimedijski, medgeneracijski in Muzejski center Botegin

Glagoljaška ulica 4 SI-6000, Koper

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Botegin Centre, the MKSMC Botegin, Youth, Cultural, Social, Multimedia and Intergenerational Centre Botegin, is a social place, located in the old city centre of Koper. It is also the seat of two nongovernmental organizations: Foundation of the nongovernmental youth field Pohorski Battalion (Ustanova nevladnih mladinskega polja Pohorski bataljon) and Association of the Friends of Moderate Progress (Društvo prijateljev zmernega napredka), which carry out their cultural and other activities there and understand the functioning of the Botegin Centre as the street activities and a culture of socializing. The basis of their programme is culture of dissent.


In 1965, MKC Koper (Youth and Culture Centre Koper) was established. In the period 1991-2014 it was led by the Association of the Friends of Moderate Progress as a venue for alternative, subcultural and underground cultural, social and political public programmes. In 2014 the Association had to move out of the building of the MKC, but it continued its work in MKSMC Botegin – Youth, Cultural, Social, Multimedia and Intergenerational Centre.


The Association of the Friends of Moderate Progress, together with Foundation Pohorski Battalion, is continuing its cultural and social events at the Botegin Centre, many of which have already been conceived in MKC Koper: for example, it continues with the festival Koperground Festival. Every year the LGBT Film Festival is hosted. It organizes concerts, for example of songwriters Franci Blašković, Marko Brecelj or Dani Kavaš, exhibitions, film screenings, discussions, lectures, performances and cultural gatherings. It also organizes various workshops, especially for young people, but still intergenerational-oriented, for example about the functioning of nongovernmental sector, art and film workshops, etc.

In general, the Botegin Centre promotes cultural activities and collects and distributes information on education, employment, leisure activities, and culture for the growing youth and adult population, especially focusing on marginalised social groups. It represents the richness of coexistence of cultures and self-made scenes. It is, as they declare, “a striking performative fist of agitational cultural socializing”. Since 2004 they have published “a daily updated virtualization of everything they do on the website”.