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Centralna postaja Ljubljana

Trubarjeva 23 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Located on one of the landmarks of Ljubljana’s social life, Trubarjeva Street, Centralna postaja (meaning the Central Station, though not really being close to any train or bus station) is a wittily decorated mixture of a club, restaurant, bar and occasionally also exhibition venue. It caters to a somewhat “hip” clientele, but by offering WiFi, free computers and an assortment of flyers and booklets about the current goings-on in Ljubljana, it also serves as an information point for city visitors.

The place actively supports and promotes the local creative industries and is the spot where the Ljubljana branch of the “Creative Mornings” series is held. Established in 2013, it is run by a company that also handles a few other nightclubs in Ljubljana, namely Klub K4, the Cirkus Club and the Plac 33/45.


Music-wise, Centralna postaja runs a programme of a mainly electronic persuasion, though reggae and dub are also often featured, and sporadically other genres as well. Predominantly hosting local DJs and musicians, some of the more notable guests of the club have been UMEK, Sare Havlicek, Recycleman, DubDiggerz and Alex Long. A number of DJ collectives have collaborated on the programme, among the regulars are the Synaptic Crew. The place boasts a radio station, meaning that it produces podcasts and sometimes even live online broadcasts of the music played there.

There are regular evenings devoted to skate culture, screening skateboarding films and videos, exhibiting photographs, playing “appropriate” music and so on. This stems from the tradition of a cult 1990s bar at the same location called Troubar, which was a prominent spot for the skateboarding scene. Centralna postaja also hosts art exhibitions, various workshops, film screenings and so on. During the summer it organises acoustic concerts and other happenings on the pedestrian street in front of the bar.

Creative industries

A prominent feature at Centralna postaja are various showcases of Slovene designers and their wares, from specially organised fairs to the daily displays adorning one of the interior walls. The bar is also the site for an occasional Kick-Starter fundraising campaign launch. Events under the brand and concept of “Creative Mornings” – a series of discussions with curious and successful individuals from the creative industries – take place here on a monthly basis.