Dr Tone Pretnar Library, Tržič



Knjižnica dr. Toneta Pretnarja Tržič

Balos 4 SI-4290, Tržič

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Though officially founded in 1961, the beginnings of Dr Tone Pretnar Library in Tržič date back to 1863. It takes its name after Tone Pretnar (1945–1992), a professor, literary historian, and translator. In addition to the main facilities, the library also manages a mobile library material collection at Peter Uzar Nursing Home, while a bookmobile has been providing library services to surrounding villages and towns since 1975. The library houses departments for adult and young readers, and a reading room that seats 40. A number of events for both children and adults are organised: storytelling hours, creative workshops, literary evenings, lectures, computer courses for the elderly, book clubs, etc. Mobile librarians also deliver library material to those who are unable to access the library due to special circumstances.