Franc Ksaver Meško Library, Ormož



Knjižnica Franca Ksavra Meška, Ormož

Kolodvorska 9 SI-2270, Ormož

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Franc Ksaver Meško Library is situated in Ormož Castle. The 500 square-metre library manages a collection of over 50,000 items, which includes about 5,000 CDs, DVDs and videotapes. In 2008, its users borrowed over 95,000 items. The library has a youth department and organises regular events for children and adults (fairytale readings, playing hours, slide presentations, lectures, book presentations, etc.). It also provides computer and foreign language courses.

The library was established as an independent institution in 1992 (although it had its beginnings as early as 1906). It was named after Franc Ksaver Meško (1874–1964), a Slovene writer and priest.