France Balantič Public Library Kamnik



Knjižnica Franceta Balantiča Kamnik

Ljubljanska 1 SI-1240, Kamnik

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Established in 1949 following the merger of two libraries, the Kamnik Public Library, covers the municipalities of Kamnik and Komenda. It runs branches in Komenda and Šmarca, a bookmobile, and mobile library material collections at nursing homes. In 2015 the library was renamed as France Balantič Public Library Kamnik.

The library offers access to a wide spectrum of literature, and houses a reading room, where members can make use of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, handbooks, newspapers, and magazines, as well as access the Internet. The premises also house a local collection department, a mountaineering department, a collection of Bavarian literature, donated by the Slovenian-Bavarian Society, a lifelong learning point, and a safe point, where children in distress can find support or shelter. Discussions, creative workshops, lectures, and exhibitions are all part of the adult programme held at the library, while children can take part in storytelling hours and various workshops. Home delivery service exists for those who are unable to access the library. To help other special needs users, books for the visually impaired, audiobooks, reading spectacles, and electronic magnifying lenses are made available, as well as a special corner designed to foster reading in children with learning disorders.

In 2012 Niko Sadnikar, head of the Josip Nikolaj Sadnikar Collection, Kamnik, donated over 200 antique books to the France Balantič Public Library.