Gallery K18



Galerija K18

Koroška cesta 18 SI-2000 , Maribor

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The Gallery K18 was opened in Maribor in 2011, taking its name after its location at Koroška Street 18. Based in the city centre, Gallery K18 is an exhibition space of Pekarna Magdalena Network. It was established as a gallery space back in 2011 under the name Pekmez with a diverse programme, but nowadays it hosts a more continuous stream of exhibitions.


As the Pekarna Magdalena Network produces GuestRoomMaribor, a programme offering artist residencies, the gallery hosts the curated presentation of projects by artists-in-residence, created during their residency, Meet the residents events, lectures, debates, etc. as well as a parallel series of exhibitions primarily focused on presentations of younger artists and curators, experiments with the boundaries of the exhibition medium and the conception and practice of the classical gallery space.


A vital player on the cultural scene in Maribor, the gallery collaborates with different cultural producers in Maribor, opens its doors for hosting exhibitions during festivals such as Festival of Photography Maribor, International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), Lent Festival, etc.