House of Architecture



Hiša arhitekture

Vegova 8 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Since 2008, the House of Architecture (Hiša Arhitekture) operates under the auspices of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS) with a mission to promote architecture through exhibitions, lectures, and related cultural and educational activities. Located in the atrium on Vegova ulica, it first consisted of a small 70-square-metre exhibition space. The later-added supporting premises wrap up the space into a functional whole.


Architectural exhibitions focus on the work of ZAPS members, while lectures vary from educational ones on sustainability, building materials, and new legislation, to presentations of interior and lighting, and film projections. The House of Architecture also organises educational excursions around Slovenia as well as abroad.

Among its projects, one can name a series of architectural workshops for children called “Architecture and Children”, organised in cooperation with various architectural studios, among them the Arhitektura Krušec, AKSL Arhitekti, MultiPlan Architects, and Ravnikar-Potokar Architecture Bureau.