KGB Club



Klub KGB, Kulturno glasbeni brlog, Maribor

Vojašniški trg 5 SI-2000 , Maribor

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KGB Club (abbreviation for the Kulturno-glasbeni brlog, translated as Culture Music Lair) is a cultural institution in the old city centre of Maribor, founded in 1998, which combines the atmosphere of a nightclub, theatre for performance arts and other cultural, especially musical events. It is located in the more than 100 years old vine cellar beneath the ground, which adds to the recognisability of the club, its cosiness, almost iconicity. It is extremely popular among the local public. From the very beginning, the KGB Club organisers wanted to establish “the venue that has a soul, and not just another tavern furnished with marble and oak, ‘big bubbies’ staff and commercial music hits”. That is why they are offering a melting pot of culture, music and comedy, organizing more than 15 performances and concerts each month.


In the boutique club ambience, the programme of the Culture Music Lair consists mostly of music concerts, especially pop rock music, as well as more specialized genres, such as ethno-jazz, blues or folk; it ranges from the concerts of groups such as No More Faith, the Faith No More tribute-band, or the popular Slovene pop rock groups, such as Tabu or Orlek, to the concerts of more experimental musicians, such as singers Aphra Tesla or Klarisa Jovanović, and accordionist Marko Hatlak.

The KGB Club often performs stand-up comedies or monodramas and mono-comedies by renowned Slovene authors, such as Martina Ipša, Uroš Kuzman, Perica Jerković, Tadej Toš, Matjaž Javšnik, and others. It also organises special stand-up Open Microphone and impro theatre evenings.