Kino Komuna



Kino Komuna

Cankarjeva 1 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Kino Komuna reopened in 2011 after the Kinoklub Vič permanently closed its doors. Kino Komuna is now the only cinema hall in the very centre of Ljubljana that is run by Kolosej Cinemas, the company which in 2005 opened a multiplex in the suburbs of Ljubljana. Apart from the regular programme, mostly devoted to commercial productions, this spacious 378-seat cinema also hosts the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe).


Film screenings at this urban location date back to 1896 when the very first film was shown in the hall of the then Malič Hotel. Later on, the hotel was demolished and the Ideal Cinema was built in its place. After World War Two, the Ideal Cinema was renamed to Kino Moskva (Moscow Cinema) and soon after to Kino Komuna, which was one of the most popular cinemas in the city until 2008 when Kolosej Cinemas closed it down for 3 years.

While the reopening of the Kino Komuna filled a gap in the options for film buffs in the city centre left after the closing of Kinoclub Vič, the Komuna’s programming hasn’t followed in the “arthouse footsteps” of the latter.