Kino Pivka



Kino Pivka

Prečna ulica 1 SI-6257, Pivka

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Kino Pivka (Pivka Cinema) is housed in the Krpanov dom Pivka, a multipurpose centre (renovated in 2015) in the small town of Pivka in the Karst region of southwestern Slovenia. The hall that also functions as a cinema is actually the main regional cinema.


Kino Pivka aims to differentiate itself from commercial cinemas; it runs a cinema programme based on diverse film genres for all generations and also includes quality festival films


Kino Pivka is a member of the Art Cinema Network of Slovenia, and, consequently, is involved in a project of national film education in which all Slovenian schools participate.

The venue

The hall includes a JBL sound system and a projection screen with the dimensions of 9m x 5m, which represents the second-largest foldable projection screen in Slovenia. Projections take place on the BARCO DCP projector with a Dolby 3D projection system; multimedia can also be projected from DVD and Blu-ray.

The venue is also appropriated for theatre performances, music concerts as well as other cultural and educational activities.

The venue accommodates 252 visitors; with more than 3,000 visitors attending the film programme annually.