Klub eMCe plac



Klub eMCe plac

Šaleška cesta 3 SI-3320, Velenje

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Running since 2010, Klub eMCe plac is the centre of alternative music in Velenje and a popular hangout place with a varied, imaginative programme of cultural and social events. Run under the auspices of the Velenje Youth Centre (MC Velenje) and the student association of the Velenje region, the club comprises a cafeteria, a gallery, and a multifunctional space/concert hall.

Open daily, during the week, the club runs a programme of workshops, educational activities, film screening cycles, round tables, and so on. Weekends are usually reserved for concerts or theatre plays. It is also open for co-productions and initiatives from the locals, and available for band rehearsals (with some instruments also available to rent).


The various events hosted or organised by Klub eMCe plac encompass things like the Deluxe Ski Jump (a legendary PC game) tournament, collective watchings of sports broadcasts, table football competitions, card and board games meetings, so-called listening sessions, etc.

Music programme

A sizable number of protagonists from the Slovenian alternative music scene has performed at eMCe plac, invited either independently or via various festivals taking place here. The music cycle Sound Arson has greatly contributed to this, with its events often being mini-festivals with several bands (usually of a harder variety, from different strands of metal and noise to all sorts of rock). Some of the bands hosted by eMCe plac were Noctiferia, Zmelkoow, Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa, Tekochee Kru, Martin Ramoveš Band, Srečna mladina, Zaklonišče prepeva, Jimmy Barka Experience, Fake Orchestra, Dubzilla, etc.

Notable guests from abroad include NoMeansNo (CA), Earth (US), Karma To Burn (US), Kultur Shock (US), Dälek (US), Made Out of Babies (US), Wardhill (CZ), Senser (UK), Obake (US), Mombu, Eyes of a Traitor (UK), Straight Mickey And The Boyz (RS), Lovely Quinces (HR), Repetitor (RS), and Bad Copy (RS).

Klub eMCe plac was the official warm-up venue for MetalDays and is a regular stop of the Club Marathon. The club also takes part in organising the Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures, the Days of Youth and Culture (DMK) Festival and the Beached Whale Festival.


The gallery in Klub eMCe plac hosts exhibitions by painters, photographers, sculptors, and other (mostly younger) artists who predominantly come from the local region, yet others can also exhibit here. Among the exhibitors have been the painters Klara Kulovec, Slavka Popovič, Suzana Švent, and Urška Babuder; the photographer Anže Kovač; the sculptor Alij Jusović; the illustrator Jasmina Grudnik; and the designer Dejan Kralj.