Klub SOT 24,5



Klub SOT 24,5

Metelkova mesto, Stavba lovci, Masarykova 24 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Klub SOT 24,5 originated in 1992 as a programme entitled Independent Living for Disabled People established by an organisation called Youth Handicapped Deprivileged (YHD) under the formal patronage of the Society for Development of Preventative and Voluntary Labour. In 1996 this programme became the YHD – Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap, gaining additional financial support from the MATRA programme. In the same year it opened a club in the Lovci building of Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone named SOT 24 (when it moved subsequently to larger premises the club was renamed SOT 24,5).

To date more than 250 events connected with marginal or underprivileged groups have been staged here, including lectures on social studies topics (theory of handicap, social groups such as young people, women, homosexuals, homeless people), exhibitions, information activities, evening socials, film screenings and evenings for volunteers. The YHD Association strives for a change in the position of handicapped persons (and thus also of other marginal groups, for emancipation can only be universal). Handicap is understood as a concept, not just a substitute for the term disability. Klub SOT 24,5 is an outlet for activities, actions and projects aimed at changing positions, rights and responsibilities and above all upholding the right to be different.