Klub Zakon



Klub Zakon

Tržaška 11 SI-1360 , Vrhnika

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Klub Zakon, situated in the centre of Vrhnika, is the headquarters of the Club of Vrhnika Students. It offers numerous activities, from concerts, DJ events, film nights, art exhibitions, theatre performances, and children’s workshops to courses such as art, drawing, sewing, photography, and workshops in sound system and light techniques. Each year it gives new local bands a chance to present themselves on stage. Klub Zakon also offers the use of computers and a has a Wi-Fi corner. The club and its team is included in the annual theatre festival Cankarjada Theatre Festival, the skate contest Cow of Skate, and the Club Marathon.


From 1991 onwards, on the premises of today’s Klub Zakon, there was first a bar with occasional concerts. In 1996 it became the Youth Centre Vrhnika, in 1999 Klub vrhniških študentov (the Club of Vrhnika students) was established. The club claimed and named Klub Zakon as its headquarters. In 2001, the self-withdrawal of the Youth Centre followed.