Viktorina Ptujskega 4 SI-2250 , Ptuj

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Kolnkišta was founded by Ptuj Student Club in co-operation with Municipality of Ptuj in the cellar of an old building in the city centre. The place was established in 2000, than closed in 2006 and reopened in 2012. In recent years, it has become one of the main venues for alternative culture in Ptuj and the surrounding area. Besides running its own regular programme, Kolnkišta is also involved in the summer festival TerasaFest and has hosted Club Marathon concerts.


The programme consists of regular film screenings, literary evenings, lectures and talks with writers and occasional exhibitions. Music-wise, the programme is very open and features DJ events, jam sessions, MC battles and metal, jazz, rock, electronica and hip hop concerts. A lot of stress is also put upon presenting young and upcoming bands, who often appear at the Kolnkišta stage.