Lenart Library

Lenart v Slovenskih goricah


Knjižnica Lenart

Nikova 9 SI-2230, Lenart v Slovenskih goricah

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Established in 1964, the Lenart Library now also runs a branch library in Voličina. It serves as a cultural and multimedia information centre for the municipality. In addition to lending material, which members can also access in the reading room, it hosts an array of events for library-goers of all ages, including story-telling hours, book presentations, creative workshops, and lectures. The library is active in a number of projects, collaborating with other libraries, cultural and educational institutions, and local organisations. A notable feature of the library is its local collection, which features articles, books, photographs, and other material on the region. Meriting attention are also the preserved archives of Rudolf Pen and Davorin Polič, which consist of a number of books, written correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and much more.