Linhart Hall, Radovljica



Linhartova dvorana Radovljica

Gorenjska cesta 19a SI-4240 , Radovljica

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Reopened in 1996 after conversion from a cinema into a multipurpose venue, the 280-seat Linhart Hall is named after celebrated Slovene dramatist and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795), who was born in Radovljica.

It offers annual subscription series for theatre, puppetry and film. Each season, six stage performances featuring mainstream and independent Slovene theatre houses are offered on Monday nights. The children’s programme on Fridays is also popular.

The film programme covers all of the significant art and first-run films of the season. The Linhart Hall is a member of the Art Cinema Network, that distributes selected art films around Slovenia.

Exhibitions take place in the entrance lobby. The office of the local tourist organisation is also located in the building.

Linhart Hall issues the newsletter Deželne novice and various other publications.