Makse Samsa Library, Ilirska Bistrica

Ilirska Bistrica


Knjižnica Makse Samsa, Ilirska Bistrica

Trg Maršala Tita 2 SI-6250 , Ilirska Bistrica

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The roots of Maksa Samsa Library in Ilirska Bistrica reach back to the foundation of a national reading room in 1864, but the present-day institution was established in 1960. The library bears the name of teacher and poet Maksa Samsa (1904–1971), who was born near Ilirska Bistrica. In addition to the main unit, the library also manages a movable collection at the local nursing home.

Housed in the premises are a reading room, a children’s corner, music and video departments, a local collection department, and a local information corner. Besides the permanent exhibition on Maksa Samsa, the library hosts a variety of events and activities, for example, story-telling hours, creative workshops, literary evenings, literary quizzes, author meetings, exhibitions, lectures, and also participates in the project Primorci beremo (“The Primorska Region Reads”), which joins all libraries of the Primorska region and certain ones in the Italian border region in one of the largest reading campaigns in Slovenia. Librarians also organise reading hours at the local nursing home and social work centre.