Cultural heritage

Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia



Muzej usnjarstva na Slovenskem

Primorska cesta 6h SI-3325 , Šoštanj

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The Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia presents the 210-year-old tradition of the leather industry in Šoštanj where the Vošnjak’s tannery was established in 1788. It later grew into heavy industry exporting exquisite goods to other continents and ended up as the nationalised Leather Factory Šoštanj. It was finally abolished in 1999. The museum arose from a civil initiative and was established on the premises of the former factory by the Municipality of Šoštanj in 2009. It forms a branch of the Velenje Museum.

Apart from the history of the now-defunct leather industry in the country, the museum also displays several ambient presentations of a worker’s apartment, a director’s office, the shoemaking workshop and the industrialist Vošnjak (Woschnagg) family.