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Pivka House of Culture



Hiša kulture v Pivki

Snežniška cesta 2 6257, Pivka

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The Pivka House of Culture (“Hiša kulture”) is a local cultural centre, set in the small town of Pivka. It was set up in 1998 as an open space for a wide range of activities Its premises include a gallery, a graphic atelier and a youth culture club.

Since 2013 the programme of the Pivka House of Culture primarily focuses on presenting contemporary urban art, thus becoming an important contemporary art gallery between Ljubljana and Koper. It also houses a permanent collection of artworks.

Gallery programme

The “Hiša kulture” programme presents contemporary visual art with the emphasis on unconventional, progressive, and innovative approach, following the principles of immediacy, social criticism, and freedom.

The gallery usually sets up about 8 exhibitions that are often accompanied by various educational activities for school children, workshops, etc. From October to May, they host the current production of Slovene visual artists in the central exhibition space. From June to September, retrospectives or various thematic group exhibitions take place.

Some of the artists who presented their illustration, new media, sculpture or painting installations in Pivka have been Petra Varl, Marko Gavez, Zoran Pungerčar, Evgen Čopi Gorišek, Mina Fina, Damijan Kracina, Ana Čigon, Matej Stupica, as well as the photographer Tadej Vaukman.


The Pivka House of Culture also has a permanent collection of artworks, many of them available for sale. Erik’s room accommodates the permanent collection of prints and art publications.

Zinko Tiček

Zinko Tiček is a smaller fanzine library, which grew from a personal fanzine, comic and graphic book collection by Leon Zuodar. Responsible for running the graphic atelier in the centre, he is also a part of the art tandem Beli sladoled. The library (meant also as a smaller exhibition space) is open to everyone interested in photocopy, risograph, silkscreen and other graphic printed mediums.