Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery



Galerija Plevnik-Kronkowska

Razlagova 9 SI-3000, Celje

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Under the initiative of Matija Plevnik, art historian and enthusiastic promoter of contemporary art, the not-for-profit Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery was established in 2008 by Plevnik and a group of young local artists. The gallery is situated in the private premises (former shop) on the outskirts of the Celje centre and represents a unique exhibition, production and project space with a versatile international programme. Although primarily dedicated to showcasing younger generations of Slovenian and international visual artists, the gallery collaborates also with other organisations which range from the mainstream public institutions such as the Celeia Celje Institute – Centre for Contemporary Arts to the regional Savinjska division of FAO (Federation for Anarchistic Organisation).

Currently, the gallery does not have a permanent exhibition space and exhibits occasionally in the heart of the old city at various locations.


Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery prepares some 5 to 6 exhibitions annually and since the beginning has offered the floor to the younger generation of Celje-based artists such as Mark Požlep, Iva Tratnik, Jure Cvitan, Manja Vadla and others but is open also to established artists, such as Miha Vipotnik, a pioneer of Slovene video art, who in 2010 prepared a special exhibition Slide-ing Fields / Sticking Dust.

An important and surprisingly non-eclectic part of the gallery’s programme is that of the exhibitions of international artists such as Mircea Nicolae (Romania), Tarek Chemaly (Lebanon), Kyle Milne (USA), Massimo Permuda (Italy), etc.