Priden Možic Street Theatre



Kulturno društvo Priden Možic

Podlimbarskega pot 4 SI-1240, Kamnik

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Priden Možic Cultural Association was established in 1996 by a group of former students of the theatre and puppetry school Gilš-Kodum from Ljubljana and Kamnik. Nowadays it has more than 50 members who are active in different areas: street performances, performances for children, music, and improvisation theatre. Since 2002, Priden Možic (in English: Good Little Man) produces the local festival Kamfest and was successfully running the Kamnik Culture House from 2002 to 2017.

Priden Možic is most known for its street performances (The Lake [Jezero], The Taxi [Taksi], The Bureaucrat ltd. [Birokrat d.o.o.]), performances for children, and improvisation theatre (Piloti group). It is also active in music productions and poetry recitals. Its productions have appeared at festivals across Slovenia, such as Summer Puppet Pier Festival, Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival, etc., and internationally – in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovakia.