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Prijateljeva ulica 2 1000, Ljubljana

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Opened in 2012, Prulček, with its ambitious programme and concept, is a very unique venue for Ljubljana. On a more or less daily basis it offers live music shows and couples them with artist exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, and so on. All these events take place in a very lively bar, set in an otherwise slightly culturally deprived part of the city centre.

With its consistency, Prulček has fast attracted a very dedicated crowd, composed of a colourful melange of figures from Ljubljana’s cultural life and the regular aficionados for the less commercial musical styles.

Prulček launched its programme in 2013 with weekly jazz jams, a type of musical sociability that was until then rather lacking in Ljubljana. These evenings have slowly been extended over the whole week and the programme started encompassing other musical styles as well, regularly hosting ethno musicians and being very open to blues, rock, free improvisation, pop and other genres. Alongside these, there are fortnightly art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and also evenings with films made by the students from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT).

There are a few bands that can be described as sort of resident musicians at the bar, for example, Brencl Banda, there also local jazz musicians who just keep returning, in one guise or another, to the stage of Prulček, such as Cene Resnik, Jani Moder, Nikola Matošič (the programme selector), Peter Ugrin, Jure Pukl. The various other bands one could mention are Brina, Moonlight Sky, Rok Zalokar Trio, Samo Gromofon, Big Band Krško, Nina Strnad Kvartet, All Strings Detached, etc.

Autumn, winter and spring festivals

Prulček also produces its own festivals, which sort of condense and focus the bar’s usual programme. There is a jazz festival in autumn (held since 2013), a folk music festival in winter (first organised in 2015) and yet a third one, called the Spring Charm Festival, which is musically more varied. These festivals offer a select choice of artists, bringing also a number of foreign bands and musicians, such as the legendary USA drummer Doug Hammond.

A part of the festival programme has been held at the premises of the neighbouring Dance Theatre Ljubljana, which offers a slightly more solemn setting for the more intimate musical performances.